Envjs is a simulated browser environment written in javascript. It was originally developed by John Resig and discussed in his blog here. Envjs is now supported by a community of developers who all use Envjs as part of their own open source projects.

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  • jQuery-Claypool on AppEngine

    jQuery-Claypool is a railable javascript application framework that runs on the client and, thanks to Envjs, the server. This site is running on Google AppEngine with jquery-claypool and Envjs! jQuery-Claypool

  • JavascriptMVC

    JavascriptMVC is a Javascript MVC framework that uses Envjs as part of it's testing triage including in browser, Selenium, and headless testing with Envjs. Javascript MVC

  • Blue Ridge Javascript Testing Rails Plugin

    The Blue Ridge JavaScript Testing Rails Plugin adds support for command-line and in-browser JavaScript unit tests to your Rails app. It bundles several great tools (including env.js) together in a convention-over-configuration, Rails-like way. Blue Ridge

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